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Answering the most important Oscars questions

An Oscars preview that everyone can take part in.

The Oscars are this weekend and there are a lot of questions. But if we are going to be honest with ourselves, there are only a few of them matter to everyone. AIPT’s Davis PittmanMichael Rosch, and Shane Martin answer the most important questions heading into the Academy Awards.

What was the biggest surprise? (good or bad)

Davis: I’d say the biggest surprise was Frozen 2 getting snubbed from Best Animated Feature. I’m actually very happy about this lol.

Michael: All my surprises are snubs, so I think I’ll divide my snubs across the first two questions. Knives Out deserved more than just an Original Screenplay nomination. I think it deserved consideration for Best Picture, Rian Johnson as director, Production Design, and both Ana de Armas’ lead performance, and Daniel Craig’s supporting performance.

Shane: I’m surprised to see The Missing Link get a nod for best animated film. I also feel that Knives Out should have gotten more recognition than it did.

What was the biggest snub?

Davis: The biggest snub and the most disappointing one was definitely Jennifer Lopez for Best Supporting Actress. I was also disappointed to see Uncut Gems get nothing and that Christian Bale wasn’t nominated for Ford vs. Ferrari

Michael: Aside from all the Knives Out snubs, Adam Sandler (yes, seriously) deserved attention for Uncut Gems. Eddie Murphy deserved a nom for Dolemite Is My Name as well. Greta Gerwig definitely should have been nominated for Best Director for Little Women. So as I did last year, I urge the Oscars to split the Director category into Best Male Director and Best Female Director to better highlight the wonderful world of women in the industry.  Lastly, for fun, Always Be My Maybe’s “I Punched Keanu Reeves” was absolutely the best original song of the year and deserved an Oscar nomination. Fight me.

Shane: I don’t think it’s necessarily a snub, but I am sort of surprised that Robert Downey Jr. didn’t get at least a nomination for best actor. You know, for the whole nostalgic, best film ever made, feel good nomination.

Who will be the big winner of the night?

Davis: I suspect that 1917 will pick up a lot of the gold statues.

Michael: Knowing The Academy, 1917 is the kind of movie they’d choose. Though they also do love movies about Hollywood, so I think it’s between 1917 and Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood as to who wins Best Picture.

Shane: I’m really hoping 1917 picks up a lot of wins here. I’d also like to see Charlize Theron win her category.

Who will be the big loser?

Davis: I don’t foresee The Two Popes winning a lot considering the competition it’s up against.

Michael: Unfortunately, Jojo Rabbit will probably lose every category, but I fear the biggest loser could end up being Parasite because I don’t know if The Academy can fully handle the level of unflinching critique of economic class warfare depicted in Bong Joon Ho masterpiece.

Shane: Probably The Two Popes.

Forget what the Academy says. What was the best movie you saw last year?

Davis: Midsommar was the best film of 2019 to me. No film affected me that much in terms of writing and story. The performances were also incredible.

Michael: Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, Parasite, and Marriage Story are my top three of the year. I cycle back and forth between what order I put them in.

Shane: 1917. Hands down.

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