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Dota 2: Legion Commander cosplay by Medha Srivastava

Tresdin, the Legion Commander comes to life courtesy of cosplayer Medha.Vi

“If they want war, then we shall give it to them!”

One of Dota 2‘s most intriguingly designed melee strength heroes, Tresdin, the Legion Commander comes to life with deadly accuracy courtesy of concept artist, illustrator, game artist and cosplayer Medha Srivastava. Medha’s Legion Commander cosplay secured her the Fan Favorite Award at the 2020 Indian Championship of Cosplay. Whatever you do, don’t plan on challenging Medha to a Duel anytime soon.

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So I won the Fan Favorite Award at the Indian Championship Of Cosplay. I am so so blessed to have all of you guys who voted for me ❤️ And my family who left no stoned unturned to help me get maximum votes and love. I love you guys 🤗🤗 Thankyou @comicconindia @sonalvashisht and jatin Verma for giving such an amazing opportunity. #Repost @comicconindia • • • • • • The nation has spoken and chosen their favorite. has won the Fan Favourite Award of Indian Championship of #Cosplay brought to you by @MSArenaOfficial and @ComicConIndia for the year 2020. Congrats #LegionCommander we bow down to your supremacy! Also BIG Congratulations to my partner in crime, the champion himself @sameertikkamasala for winning the championship . Go represent the country again ❤️❤️

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Legion Commander was such a challenging project to work on. The minute I saw the character and the skin from @dota_2 I knew I had to cosplay this. There were so many elements involved in making it, right from Eva foam , sunboard sheet, PVC pipe, installation pipe for the rope, 6 layers of wigs and cloth materials like cotton and fur. The most challenging part was making the wig and getting the gigantic look of the hair. Taking up projects which are slightly out of my comfort zone definitely make me nervous during the process but there is such an immense learning.And I feel so blessed to have people around me who are constantly guiding me and putting me on the right track . I think every achievement is not just because of your talent and skills but also the people supporting you and helping you. @sameer.bundela I learn something new every day from you. Your constant motivation and some strict guidance is such a boon . Thank you for enlightening me with your tutorials on prop making, pushing me to strive more , and reminding me that I can compete the task. @thefirstmetalbender for always showing interest in my projects and giving a helping hand . @syrinx.88 for lending me the mannequin head and sending me tutorials on the wig.Thankyou for being so appreciative 🙂 @movingtheorist for teaching me how to stlye hair :p @redemptionprops for your help on the stencil , also a huge congratulations on winning the 2nd prize. Your cosplay was magnificent. Lastly @mighty_maneendra for being a such a huge last minute help. Your efforts mean a lot to me . #dota2 #legioncommander #legioncommandercosplay #wip #making #eslonemumbai #esl #cosplay #indiancosplaycommunity #cosplaygirl #art

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