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Watch: The Invisible Man Trailer

Watch the trailer for ‘The Invisible Man’.

The Invisible Man is one of horror’s most iconic characters. While he may not have the same popularity as Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster, the tale is a popular one.

The love of the character goes beyond the genre, however. From comic books to video games, the power of invisibility is a fan favorite. The original story written by H.G. Wells is also great material for a movie adaptation.

The Invisible Man is a modern day retelling of the classic. Elisabeth Moss stars as Cecilia Kass. Cecilia is a scientist caught in an abusive relationship. When her ex boyfriend commits suicide, he leaves Cecilia with a large sum of money. The inheritance comes with a strange caveat that quickly becomes easier said than seen.

Along with having the always dependable Moss, the film is being directed by Leigh Whannell. Whannell last directed the surprisingly good Upgrade.

The Invisible Man is scheduled to be released nationwide on February 28, 2020.


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