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Bride of the Head of the Family #1 review

Bride of the Head of the Family will give you a quick Full Moon fix!

Back in 1996, Full Moon Pictures brought us the comedy horror film Head of the Family, a devilish tale of four siblings who each have their own special powers ranging from strength to sexiness. Yes, you read that right. The head of the family is indeed the head of the family. Myron has a large cranium, is super smart and can communicate telepathically with his siblings. Myron’s siblings kidnap people and whisk them back to the house where Myron conducts experiments on them, looking for the perfect body to put his brain into. Lots of sex, gore, and cheesy fun for all.

Here we are in 2020. The long-awaited sequel Bride of the Head of the Family has been in talks for years but has yet to be released. In fact, the film is due to come out this year, but after searching for a release date, I cannot find one. However, that hasn’t stopped Full Moon Comix from releasing a one-shot prequel to the upcoming feature film.

The story is through the big eyes of Wheeler, one of the Stackpoole siblings whose power is heightened senses. He explains that he is on a time traveling trip looking for a certain Myron. He has been given a drug that allows him to inhabit any of his alternative selves’ bodies. The one downfall has a Quantum Leap vibe to it, as he never knows where he will end up. As Wheeler jumps through the various timelines, he also realizes that he is being followed by an unknown man who always seems to turn each scenario into certain disaster. Will Wheeler track down the Myron he’s looking for? Will we get a release date for Bride of the Head of the Family? You will only get one answer here….maybe.

Not your usual suspects.

The Good

The fact that the story is based solely on Wheeler is an interesting take. Myron and his wife are scattered through out the story in multiple humorous situations with Wheeler in tow. Wheeler finds himself in a Bonnie and Clyde situation, a JFK scenario, and ultimately ends up on the deck of the Titanic. Brockton McKinney does a nice job keeping the script amusing as Wheeler jet sets across the different timelines. I didn’t know that I needed to see big-headed Myron as Sonny and his wife as Cher skiing down the slopes, though. You can guess how it ends for Myron.

Carlos Nieto is the madman behind the artwork, while Edgar Tavitas oversees the coloring duties. Both complement each other’s craft well. The characters look straight out of the Full Moon feature and the colors have a cinematic feel to them based on the theme of the current situation Myron and Wheeler find themselves in.

The Bad

I am guessing this is a one shot. The ending doesn’t lead into a possibility of a second issue and says for the reader to check out the movie when it is released. So when is it going to be released?

The Ugly

Myron has never been a pretty character. He is pretty revolting, but it is a lot of fun watching him suffer through his numerous demises as the book progresses.

The Verdict

Bride of the Head of the Family is a fun read for what it is. There are times where the book says if you want to see how “X” happened you must watch the movie. So, I will be like the many and continue to wait for the sequel. If you are looking for a quick Full Moon fix with some laughs, then this book should hold you over.

Bride of the Head of the Family #1
Is it good?
Nothing that really takes you deeper down the Full Moon rabbit hole, but an amusing trip through time.
McKinney's script is comical and he keeps the essence of the characters
The artwork looks like their movie namesakes and colors are gorgeous
Myron as characters I would never have imagined him as
The story is amusing, but I would have liked a little more depth into the lore of the characters
Not much background on the characters. If you are new to these guys, you are going to be a little lost

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