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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Hellmouth #5 Review

Great art and writing still result in a flat story.

This week brings us the conclusion of BOOM! Studios’ first big Buffyverse event. Let’s see how are favorite slayer and vampire with a soul wrap things up, shall we?

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Snappy Spoiler-Lite Recap

  • “Let’s dance, Hellmom.”
  • Never thought I needed–or would enjoy–a Buffy/Drusilla team up, yet here we are.
  • Always nice when all your friends conveniently show up to the party.
  • This version of Cordelia is way too happy about visiting hell.
  • …and of course we have to get the clones involved.
  • Wait, what? When did that character die??
  • Good to see this version of Anya still lacks social skills, but is all kinds of smart.
  • Geez…how many slayers are there?

The Verdict

I really wanted to like this limited series — and not just because I’m a Buffy fan. Marco Renna’s art is fantastic. His attention to detail is equally keen during subtle, character-driven moments as it is during insane action sequences.

On the script side of things, Jordan Bellaire totally gets the voices these characters should have. Even the ones who are significantly different from their television series counterparts feel delightfully authentic.

In the end, though, the overarching story fell flat. The Hellmother never seemed like anything special. Sure, she was powerful, but not strong enough to withstand being kicked and punched a bunch of times before a novice magic user figures things out on the fly.

Add in a coda that confused the heck out of people who don’t read the regular Buffy series (like me), and Hellmouth didn’t do much for me. I would, however, love to see this creative team on separate project not tied to a crossover event. Maybe there might be another slayer (or three) whose story is worth exploring….

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Hellmouth #5
Is it good?
Great art and writing still result in a flat story.
Renna's artwork is fantastic in every context.
Bellaire's script has great moments for fan favorite characters that also manage to feel fresh and original.
The Hellmother doesn't seem like much more than a standard Big Bad threat.
The way Buffy is able to combat the Hellmother makes her seem even less intimidating.
If you don't read the regular Buffy series, the issue's coda might confuse the heck out of you.

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