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What does The Bible and Ghost Rider have in common in ‘Spirits Of Ghost Rider: Mother Of Demons’?

The Garden of Eden gets a slightly new wrinkle in its story.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

If you’re a fan of Ghost Rider you know Ed Brisson is adding new layers to the lore of the character and the various Ghost Rider characters in his new series. He’s further developing supporting characters too, especially in Spirits Of Ghost Rider: Mother Of Demons.

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With artist Roland Boschi, Brisson goes way back to the beginning of time to update Lilith’s origin. If you don’t know, Lilith is an ancient demon goddess and sorceress who was known to even live in Atlantis for a time. In the latest Ghost Rider tie-in, we learn it goes back even further to Eden. Yes, the Garden of Eden. The book actually opens on Eden and we soon learn Adam had a different main squeeze before Eve. In a scene narrated by Lilith, we see all the animal couples.

And finally Adam and Lilith post copulating.

Adam looks a bit scared, maybe it’s their demon spawn, but God doesn’t like this one bit.

We soon learn Lilith was banished to Hell for sleeping with Adam and she ends up in Hell with the devil. This is a fun twist on the Biblical creation myth since it suggests the snake and apple were all revenge from Lilith.

Later in the issue, we see Ghost Rider is still the king of Hell and Lilith is attempting to manipulate him and not having the best of time with it.

And so the comic goes on from there as we witness Lilith’s plan take shape. That’s only the beginning of the issue though and I highly recommend you read the entire thing to get the full picture!

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